Pictures dedicated Folk Musicians

Welcome to Asema page;
 Pictures dedicated Folk Musicians 2009 - 2015: 
I try to connect music  and musicians, 
 that make  or made a difference - with some of my pictures. 
Unfortunately I may be forced to close this page this summer 2014, 
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  Velkommen til Asemas  bilder dedikert folke - musikere, 
forsøksvis knytta til favoritt -  musikere. 

An all time favourite from Ireland, he seems to be a  musicians` favourite, 
i e.  acknowledged  by  Bod Dylan as a great songwriter:

                                   Asema Poetry Card: I Guess I Mirror ( verse 2 )            
                        Paul Brady                         
linked to Paul Bradys` site:

I sort of begin this page with a list of musicians I enjoy, festivals I would like to visit,
and - right below the list you`ll find the pictures I connect to many of those artists ( in low pixl ):

                        From the Norwegian Folk Music Scene:      
       non stop folkemusikk Norge           ( links )
Norsk folkemusikkformidlings e post adresse:
          Olav Tveitane from the band Spindel teaches Ethno music               the percussionist in the band Spindel
Radio world wide folk music on Norwegian Broadcasting NRK P2:               Tromsø World Music Festival      ( sept )     ( oct )                Transform Trondheim World Music Festival ( nov )       a  west coast norwegian harding fiddler, songwriter, singer
Sigrid has been on tour for 10 years with `Spindel`, with 2 records highly recommendable, well praized by critics.
Now, in 2010, she is posting a new record collaborating with the eminent musician Gabriel Fliflet accordion, free streaming demo on myspace         harding fiddler, well known           
a north norwegian fiddler                             a  norwegian folk singer songwriter and his brother:            a folk singer               Dynamic musicians from Norway and Sweden with harding fiddles and a grand musical sphere     groovy band with harding fiddles                  
a strong `kvear` tradition voice that  also collaborates internationallyåtenBerg    

www.Hallvar_T_Bjø T Bjørgum               a harding fiddler

Ragnhild Furubotten, Haavard Lund og Fotefar                
a fiddler from northern Norway

Jai Shankar                     
Tabla player from Oslo:                        a strong voice traditional  `kvear` from inland Norway

Trio Medival              
Female singers with a broad reportoar

Agnes Buen Garnås                        a famous traditional  `kvear` singer

Knut Buen              
a famous harding fiddler              a north norwegian singer songwriter poet

Gjermund Larsen Trio        an upcoming fiddler on the norwegian folk scene

Erik Bye             a  well known norwegian singer songwriter  poet from Oslo               
a norwegian singer songwriter originally from north Norway

Jonas Fjeld & Hilde Heltberg:
Jonas Fjeld & Chatham County Line:                   a folky rock band from Norway south

Eminent norwegian jazz musicians have made a fusion
with folk in many albums. Names: Jan Garbarek and Arild Andersen
and Bugge Wesseltoft. Techno musician that is known for the artic

Some big favourites from the samish music scene:      

www.nikovalkeapää.com         ää                    

Torgeir Vassvik     an experienced musician from the coast samish landscape of Finnmark county a major samish music festival with international artist from indigenious people all over the planet                                    

                     Irish Musicians:                    
Facè Poets, Singers, Musicians, note, you find a lot of names there:è/list/index.asp      
   Tune: Old Hag. . . .,html                                  

Four Men And A Dog                      
                   I recommend one of the CD`s you can buy through Paul Bradleys` site,
involving brilliant musicians like Desy Adams, Martin Quinn, Paul Meehan, Margaret Cunningham and Tiarnàn Ò Duinnchin and of
course Paul Bradley himself -  in Na Dòrsa. The title speaks for itself; `The Wild Music Of The Gael`.

Dolores Keane:               - John an irish song - writer gian and performer, I recommend him strongly

Sharon Shannon:                         
The Nech Belly Reels:
Sharon Shannon and Gerry O`Connor:
Waterboys with Sharon Shannon:

Sinèad O`Connor           www.sinè  

Davy Spillane                   Midnight Walker/ Worship:
Mystic Seacliffs:
Andy Irvine and Davy Spillane:

Find folk music all around the world in Wikipedia:
   ( a.s.o. )

great record: `Seven` 1997

Solo Cissokho:             

Yousson N`Dour: 

Baaba Maal:                                

Swedish Folk Music:

www.vä ( Kirsten Bråten Berg/Marilyn Mazur/Lena Willemark ( Lena Willemark og Are Møller )     ( voices of women around the world )

Esbjörn Hazelius              

Johan Hedin                ( sound samples )

Fred Åkerstrøm    Åkerstrøm

Allan Edwall: 

And So To My Pictures And The Norwegian Scene:

Odd Nordstoga is loaded with energetic music,
his performance makes us laugh and cry and dance and sing,
and he`s collaborating with eminent poets:

Asema PC: Light My Glass With Fire Sun
               Odd Nordstoga     

and, his brother is an eminent folk singer,
 I recommend his latest record:
Asema TP: The Most Beautiful
House Back Home

 Bob Dylan is a rocky and folky
 poet/ songwriter performer legend:
I am overjoyed that he still keeps
up the good work:

Asema TP:   The Green House Up North
              Bob Dylan           

One is inclined to think that Ireland foster more than
great poets and novelists, the musicians are simply the best:
Note; This poster below also dedicated to the wonderful
sisters in the duet: `First Aid Kit` from Sweden and
the Norwegian band: `High As A Kite`

Asema PC: Kite, You Flier
         John Spillane

Around 1990 the jazz composer, bass player Arild Andersen
brought this lady into his album `Sagn`.
First time I heared her; unforgettable.
Since then she has collaborated with other great musicians,
both norwegian, swedish and africans, and -
she stands fully on her own - with her interpreatations
and the sound and ornamentation of her voice:

   Asema TP  Big Warm Ornamentation    
Kirsten Bråten Berg
 ( Kirsten Bråten Berg with Solo Cissohko and Kouame Sereba )

She is our jewel, a local internationalist, a rare songbird
and poet - partly from my home community and the more
famous town Svolvær, Lofoten, northern Norway.
Her two brothers Lars and Ola, are also well
known musicians in Norway:
Asema TP: I Guess I Mirror, verse 1
      Kari Bremnes            Å kunne æ skrive:

And here`s a lovely young lady from Nordfjord, West Norway,
an outstanding musician on the Norwegian Scene.

          Asema TP  Beautiful Fruit             
     Sigrid Moldestad

Lovely Sigrid is a brilliant harding fiddler, singer and songwriter.
Listen to her free stream demo on myspace, record to be released in March 2010 ;`Ein sæl kyss`.  What a singer she has become!
Here she collaborates with an eminent accordion player; Gabriel Fliflet, the name of the duet and record ( ?) Lareli
Sigrid is well known in Norway, while touring 10 years with her expanded duet `Spindel`, now consisting of
5 brilliant musicians. Have a look at their website:

                Asema TP: Fjærspenn          
     Annbjørg Lien

The most celebrated harding fiddler in Norway . . . highly recommendable,
whatever project she participates in. Her performances depict a wide musical
span, she masters all the musical spheres brilliantly.

And here`s a rare songbird:
Asema TP: The Geographic Heart
       Unni Løvlid

Two american favourites

Asema TP  The Golden Glass in Green
        Nanci Griffith

And another special and unique voice from the states:
Asema TP: Deep Red
  Emmy Lou Harris

This  Samish young man makes me relax, I feel it is partly due to the sound in his
voice,  it is so well integrated in his musical expression too:
  Asema TP: The Sky Labyrint 
        Niko Valkeapää    

A huge Samish artist:
Asema TP: A Grand Universe On The Move
         Mari Boine 

A well known Samish `joiker` :
Asema TP: The Red Animal On The Move
Johan Sara Jr.

A fresh and young input addition to the samish music scene
charmed me,  while their sound reminded of the arrangements
of the very first albums of the english band Genesis early 70thies:
Besides that, they have their own expression of course,
a loveable musical landscape.
Asema TP: Blue Heart

Asema also recommend 
The Samish artist 
Torgeir Vassvik, 
look for his records on You Tube.

A well known musician on the samish scene
with a rough image and a warm heart, I give
him an image of one of my own drums:
Asema TP: My Drums On The Wall
guarded by angel musicians

Roy Alexander Lind
Anne-Mari Andersen + Roy Alexander Lind:

A great sàpmi singer - songwriter:

 Asema TP: Sheltered in a Dance
             Ulla Pirtijärvi        
Mattarahku Askai/ In Our Foremothers`Arms ( record ) 

Upcoming stars on the norwegian scene:
Asema TP: From That Special Mirror
     Valkyrien Allstars

An american fiddler, singer, songwriter
found his way from  U.S. A. Maine to Norway
He has a nice bluegrass touch to some of his stuff.
       Asema TP : Hearts In  Circles   
      Bill Booth     

A brilliant tabla player from Norway,
he`s carrying forth the traditional music from India
and has become a major performer, just listen:

    Asema TP: Little Big Drum    
               Jai Shankar    

A huge artist on the scandianvian
folk scene:

Asema TP: Jentedans/ Girly Dance ( Kirsten Bråten Berg/Marilyn Mazur/Lena Willemark ( Lena Willemark og Are Møller )     ( voices of women around the world )

An irish songwriter introduced me to
the magic of this musician and singer
ASema TP: Musician in golden light
        Sean Tyrell    

Her voice sounds good in the ear,
sometimes kinda velvet soft or crystal clear
and such a nice humming bird with more assets
to her voice. Her message is universal:
  Asema TP: Organic Flower   

              Marie Daulne          
                    Zap Mama                      
   Marie Daulne and Michael Franti:

In my teens I sort of felt a  deep revelation from
the music and mixed flavour of Jethro Tull, finally a band with
a real folky sting! We had no access to videos, but cought a few
glimpses of a flute`madman` on stage, exciting yes! At that time I had no idea how
influenced he was from the celebrated, but rather unknown american flute - and sax player Roland Kirk.
Roland Kirks`jazz is now well known world wide. Anyway, now, I`d like
to listen to the  Ian Anderson Christmas Album, here are fragments
of  Ian`s lyric on one of the songs on that album:

" Sharp ears are tuned in to the drones and chanters warming.
Mist blowing round some headland, somewhere in your memory.
Everyone is from somewhere –
even if you’ve never been there.
So take a minute to remember the part of you
that might be the old man calling
me "
  Asema TP: Bright Light In Northern Nights 
         Jethro Tull

More nostalgia; I loved early
Fairport Convention, but had
no records. And -
of course, I was wee too young to
be part of the hippie generation.
Anyway, too far up north.
But, how lovely to sort of observe
the trends of the new young world
back then.
Asema TP: In This Field I Saw Love
       Fairport Convention

Me and my friend attended his concert in Horten Park, Norway late 70thies.
What a groove, what a concept with the Wailers.

Even if the kind of religious ceremony that followed the concert,
felt kind of strange to us, - we felt
this  music was completely outstanding and
liked the fact that he stood up for his people.

      Asema: Little drum from Africa

      Bob Marley      
     & The Wailers

Me being from northern Norway enjoy and,
am proud of those lady fiddlers up north:
Asema TP: Inspired from my homeplace
    Ragnhild Furubottne    
Band: Fotefar med Haavard Lund

The folk inspired band from up north 
with Ragnhild in front:
Hekla Stålstrenga

Asema TP: Little Big Mountain Up North
       Susanne Lundeng 

A lady of legend she is:
 Asema TP: Home Blossom  

    Buffy Saint Marie

This band is forever in our hearts:
   Asema TP: In My Garden 
         The Bothy Band

Three norwegian voices
make the female sound outstanding,
you`ll be nicely surprised, have a listen:

    Asema TP: Vegetation   
      Trio Medival

This band is energetic, folky groovy:

  Asema TP: Stubben Tusse 
         Valkyrien Allstars

Young females  in  a blend of
folky rock fusion, they
entertain us:

    Asema TP: After The Party     

Women with a deep sound of voice   attracts my attention,
I think it must be the memory of my mothers`
song that does it; I love those `familiar`
voices - and Dolores is special:

    Asema TP: White Heart  

Dolores Keane

Another lady with a strong, velvet voice:
  Asema TP: Nightly Ornamentation   
           Niamh Parsons          

A new country lady from USA, we ar
spellbound by her rich, nice
sort of  angelic voice and accoustic touch, deep
into tradition:

Asema TP: Juvenile Old Dance
Naked Musician
Alison Krauss

Coming home from a rough day of work,
 I used to lay myself down- surrounded by pillows
 - while listening to this music that took me to
other places - in a  lovely atmosphere:

      Asema TP: Blue Glass Animal      
     James Taylor        

An accordion master:
Asema TP: Red Ampel & Green
 Sharon Shannon
The Neck Belly Reels:
Waterboys with Sharon S.:

An Irish Legend:

Asema TP: Like A Ship
    Davy Spillane
Midnight Walker:
Andy Irvine and Davy

Guys that now how to

make groovy irish music + +:

     Asema TP: In A Candle-Night    

     AsemaTP: Båten i ro       
           Erik Bye  

        The Fjord  From Childhood Up North     


Asema TP The Five Star Beauty
        Esbjörn Hazelius

Esbjorn is in a wonderful collaboration with Johan Hedin and his unique tenor swedish harp.

sound samples on this site:

Asema TP Gladnatt

Thanks for visiting 
this page,
all the best from Asema
2009 - 2016