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  Welcome to Asema `Blusa Fjusa Tekno` pictures: I try to connect musicians     
that made and make a difference  - with my work of art.  And - some of them may
          provoke sometimes, which  may be a good thing that,  yes :)        

  Velkommen til Asemas side `Blusa Fjusa Tekno` bilder
forsøksvis knytta til favoritt
musikere. Og ja,  noen er til å bli provosert av, det kan være en bra sak det og :)

Note: All pictures depicted in low pixl
NB: Bildene vises i lav pixel

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  Først noen norske jenter som både har evner og mot til å eksponere  
   et nærmest  utvida emosjonelt spekter - uten at det blir  `føleri ` :
Firstly; some Norwegian lassies with the guts and ability to
expose a broad spanned gallery of emotions, and of course I hope
my pictures won`t do them wrong. I mean, I couldn`t cover
the whole musical expression in one picture, but I hope the `fragmentation`
may imply, may suggest there`s more to the whole. . . . . .  

Asema TP: Girl covers herself up  in a dance
 while in touch with strong emotions
she bravely dances in the spotlight

        Anja Garbarek

Marith is rooted in soulful blues
and the exciting yourneys of different styles/genres:

Asema TeknoPrint: Mighty Marith Live
On Stage Nyksund, Vesterålen 09

Marith Endresen Dahl;

And so to the Grand Lady of The Blues:

Asema TP:
Bright Red In Deep Purple

Billy Holiday

`Sita Sings The Blues`

is a  cartoon film made by Nina Paley
and she offers it for free online

Asema TP: The Girl 3
In The Room Blue
a free film online by Nina Paley

I was very young the first time I heard
those old favorites below here -  in a long line of many musicians
with a cross - over style inspired by jazz, folk, pop and soul etc. . . .
When I listen to Peter Green nowadays, I can hear several
other grand guitarists following his fingerprints. . . . .

Asema TP: Water Geography

Peter Green
& Fleetwood Mac

Across the ocean from England,
 another USA name came up, I think I was seventeen:

Asema TP: The Sun Glass
Ry Cooder

By that time I also heard  some `Cream` and later `Blind Faith`
and was kind of lost in that rocky - jazzy - blusy fusion  . . . . . .

Asema TP: Rooms wating for us
         Eric Clapton

My boyfriend introduced me to the giants from the first
generations of blues musicians in different styles. And I noticed especially
 Leadbelly and Muddy Waters. I remember we listened to Memhis
Slim, Sony Boy Williamson, Willy Dixon -  along with B.B.King, Django, and the
new generation sort of sex - promoted figures like J.Henrix and J. Morrison. Our local heroe
back then was of course Terje Rypdal, - on his way to fame. 

Here is a tribute to the old blues giants:

           Asema TP: Transport by Car      
Muddy Waters, Leadbelly, Memphis Slim,
Sony Boy Williamson, Willy Dixon _Slim

Willy Dixon, Memhis Slim, T-bone Walker:

Memhis Slim and Sony Boy Williamson:
`Beer Drinking Woman`:
`Wish Me Well`:
John Mayall tells a joke about Sony Boy Williamson:

Willy Dixon: It Don`t Make Sense If you Can`t Make. . . .

and: Cumbia Crucada - Scenior Dance:

Asema TP: In A Summer Field

 I Found This Warm, Huge Heart


Asema TP: And This Heart Turned Blue
Moody Waters

One favourite was `Ciss Blues`:

Asema TP: A Star At Its Peak
Jimmy Hendrix

Otis Reddings` voice is forever plantet under
 brain  and body cells. Heard him

on the  radio + juxebox in mid sixthies
and had no idea of him as a major soul artist i USA

Asema TP: A Wooden Peer
Northern Norway

                Otis Redding

When I first heard the groove of Pink Floyd,
it reminded me of the boats coming into
my fjord in childhood, and so I came up
with this shot with the view from our local alps. . . . .

      Asema TP: Within This View       
        I Heard Your Tender Song         

             David Gilmour  
I found him a blue and tender- rough musician
that gave us blue comfort while painting a span
of dark reflections provoking doors of perception,
young and sort of innocent that I was, - and all
this an image of utmost, almost unbelievable beauty.

`Blue` came into our hearts at the right time.
Joni Mitchell exposed  mysteriousness in a beautiful
 and tender vocal serious way; we lived in a somewhat harsh world filled
with hard sound. A long stretched tendency has been much drums, static drums
and in spite of the grooviness, some trends are -  in the length too boring.

Asema TP: Looking back

      Joni Mitchell

I loved the B3 Lesley Hammond organ
in Van Morrisons` arrangements

Asema TP: A Golden

Asema TP: Kitchen Blue
            Van Morrison         

In the mid ninethies a special record came
to my attention; Emmy Lou Harris in collaboration
with Daniel Lanois and Neil Young.
I immediatly felt the sound of Lanois` guitar hit a deep ground
in me, and some years later I found that particular sound
copied everywhere, by clever musician!

A blue note guitar yes. . . .

Asema TP: Above and under. . .
         Daniel Lanois

When the trumpet`s got a
soft blue touch to the sound, I am
drawn to it. No wonder we still listen to
 giants like; Chet Baker + Miles Davis.
 These days there are

at least 5 - 6 eminent trumpet players in Norway.
And here`s the one that has kept going for
some time and achieved international acknowledgment

Asema TP: The Deep Blue
   Nils Petter Molvær

And here`s one with an
instrumental voice too:

  Asema TP: A Northern Touch
       Arve Henriksen x4ZuK5fIQ

In the 70ths we adored this blue,
rare, female voice, and we still do:

Asema TP: I og utafor flokken
Inside Outside The Herd

             Radka Toneff            
Asema TP: Night Vibrations

A Norwegian blues artist with a philosophical taint,
a deep colored, sort of `rusty` voice behind the piano:

Asema TP: The Deep Green Heart
    Reidar Larsen
His band: The Storytellers

This voice has since the
first time I heard him been
bathed in a range of blue colours. Definitly
lovable  - with a huge audience:

      Asema TP: Inner Glow   
                Neil Young  
 `Old Man`:      
`Imagine`:              ( St. Louise Blues )
Blues on Norwegian Broadcasting Radio:

Asema TP: In My Garden

From the Norwegian scene, some web pages:
Playlists with links from the eminent blues program NRK P2 from  :
( the last figure =31; means the date when the program was broadcasted )    
( discussions )

And so to the most creative performer with
a vast span of emotions on display,
sometimes with a melo-dramatic sting, other
times with a loving beauty, he is much loved
by me too:

    Asema TP: Red Foggy Night   
            Tom Waits     
my space music video: Tom Waits performs
`Chocolate Jesus` on Letterman

Press conference:

Music Theater in Scandinavia:
Robert Wilson and Tom Waits` version
of Büchners`  " Love Nightmare":
a review by Hans Rossinè, Oslo

And one all time favourite has a large production
and a wide spanned expression.
 I totally include Mr. Dylan in my `Blue Bunch`

Asema TP: The Green House Up North
            Bob Dylan              

A Norwegien blues - hero:

Asema TP: May The Sun. . .
    Knut Reiersrud

Bugge is one all-time Norwegian favorite, he`s the
explorer with a folky, blue, jazzy, fusion - a.s.o. grip.
 He`s a great collaborator with different musicians
and has his own label and recording studio company in Oslo.
His piano record with Christmas songs is one outstanding, I recommend.

 Asema TP: Upon The Earth 
        Bugge Wesseltoft

He`s been around in the Blue Bunch for many
years - achieved prices for his lyrics.
Inspired by  and collaborating

with other poets too. Some say he`s been
guilty of making The Notodden Blues Festival ( Norway )
rise to such a major festival:

Asema TP: Blue Ornamentation
               Kåre Virud            
( Notodden Blues Festival )

Some norwegian poets
connected to blues and blue

Asema TP: In The Core 
            Jan Erik Vold            
          Lars Saaby Christensen 
               Odd Børretzen            ( under construction )
Lars Saaby Christensen has`nt got
his own website, but is presently very
often mentioned online, being a  well known novelist.

Blues for children in Norway:
If you look into the norwegian litterature history ,
the name Rune Belsvik pops up along the
words `Love and Blues poetry`/ `Kjærleik og bluespoesi`.

Bluespoesi Norge:

Jan Erik Vold er heldig

Han kom fram til en sang i en rytme
som svaia lett inn i felles groove,
ny og gammel beat. Om han fant sangen,
dumpa over den eller sleit for å komme
inn i musikken vites ikke her, uansett:
Jan Erik Vold er heldig.
Vi lytter på stemmelek og ordmaling,
fryden går gjennom marg og bein.
Ordet danser i bonus til sangen;
meining i flom, klangflora og flamme.
Lidenskap humoristisk alterert,
jeg går aldri lei av den inspirasjonen.
Ikke sånn at en må høre, lese og lytte
hele tida, mer som en inderlig glede
 hver gang en lytter og gjenkjenner.
At ord trenger en stemme å klinge med,
 ( for å ha kraft ) er sant:

Se bare Hitler suggerere seg selv
med massene,dirigere fram ondt,
han stimulerte mistrivsel til hat og
appellerte til hathandling,
en grotesk sang det der.
Hør bare hvordan stemmer etterpå anfører
skråsikker agressivitet kontinuerlig
 - 60 år bakpå 2ndre verdenskrig.
Hatet blir ikke instrumentelt før det
blir pågående, aktivt forma til aksept.
Om noe blir gjentatt for ofte, kan
det sløve ned aktiv lytting,
ja - sløve ned mottakerapparatet.

Lytt og se hvordan Martin Luther King
lot følelsen løftes til felles høyder,
ord og stemme utbakt fra en felles drøm.
Kjenn hvordan Barack Obama lar stemmen
gi mening til felles besluttsomhet, nå
er tida for ny innsats, håpet har kommet
til valg og mellom alle alvorlige
formaninger bedåres vi av: Yes, we can!

Jan Erik Volds stemme rører hele kroppen.
En sommervarm høstdag i 1979
ser en plutselig Vold sykle i gatene rundt Bislett
med flagrende hår og flygende gevanter. Stilig!
Latteren sitter løst der og da.
Tenker ikke på  Loffen - diktet,
 Vold- stemmen eller jazzen, men føler en
god sammenheng i den gestalten som fyker forbi.
Tenker kanskje at det stemmer på en prikk -  naturligvis
 ble han vår ungdoms poet, jammen utfolder han
livsgleden også utenfor medias blikk.
Og - så er det noe med oss som vokste opp
med Bislett-brølet via Radionetten da. . . . . .

20 år seinere ser en statsminister Stoltenberg
sykle øst for Akerselva, Oslo -  i sin tids gevanter.
Det varmer å se en høytidelig samfunnstopp
tiltrekkes folkelivet, og det allminnelige
ualminnelige her på berget blir synliggjort.
( Hvem husker ikke Kong Olav med skia på
trikken under oljekrisa, da bilene stod noen tiår tilbake. )
Nå for tida er folket på fornavn med Jens.
Stoltenberg er heldig som fant sin sang.
Samtidig må en innrømme en ikke har hørt
Jens synge mye uanstrengt - ennå.
Men, se det er en annen vise
vi kanskje får høre.

Jan Erik Vold har visst blitt 70!!
For en glede at han ennå synger.
Heldige vi som får anledning til
 Vold-drypp og Vold-retro via media nå.
En tenker at det er snodig hvordan
en stemme, en sang kan sette
dype spor i minnet, men så veit
en jo at alle stemmer er helt
  genuine og samtidig temmelig like - egentlig.
Hukommelsen tar fram det unike om den får lov.
Jeg har hvert fall kjent igjen noe av meg selv
 i det overraskende uhørte som brått kommer
til lyd fra en intens sanger.
En er glad for at Jan Erik Vold er heldig
og kan spre dette hellet over land og folk.
Heldig at våre etterkommere kan leite i
dagens lydbibliotek, få høre særegen sang
- den originale stemmen uten tolk.

Asema 2009 - 2010

Her calm and tender voice,
her musical flavour and deep
blue tone perhaps heals us from
the daily noise:

Asema TP: Kitchen Blue
                PJ Harvey              

Another great Norwegian blue poet:

Asema TP: Blue Ferry
             Odd Børretzen         
&  Lars Martin Myhre

One scandinavian giant - unforgettable,
he was origianally from the Netherlands:

Asema TP: In Our Fjord
      Cornelis Vreeswijk    
Find websites from Sweden,
Denmark and Netherland:

Nils Ferlin ( Sweden ) reads to the blues:

A small tribute to the earliest
female blues singers, e.g.  Ida Cox, Ma Rainey,
Bessie Smith and Janis Joplin + our local
Kristin Berglund:

     Asema TP: Tribute To    
       The Female Blues         

Her voice and dance nearly
spellbound us some decades
ago, and she has not lost the grip.
Her voice is crystal blue:

Asema TP: The Girl
To Music

       Kate Bush

His trembling voice, the exellent timing,
his ornamentations  makes
a blue impression:

    Asema TP: Blue Around The Core 
   Anthony & The Johnsons

John Lennon had a sort of crispy sting to
his voice that made him well fit  the rock scene.
Later, as he developed his expression, his naked pain
and lovely tenderness in blue was on display - forever:

          Asema TP: The Star in White    
              John Lennon          

A Scandianavian blues poet
with a voice unforgettable.
His song about the morning coffee
is much played on the radio:

 Asema TP: Villblomst 
     Paul Dissing
His son, also a musician, is online

Thanks for visiting this page,
all the best from Asema